Rejuvenile oil

rejuvenile oil

With our most sincere gratitude, american Slander gives you, filmmaker Katherine sainte marie. Filmmaker Katherine sainte marie, some quick exposition, What do we need to know about you? What makes you, you? I grew up in southern California, in and around in Los Angeles and San diego. I spent a great deal of my youth immersed in books, movies, and imaginary play. As a child, i was convinced that I would have been better off as an orphan, since they always seemed to have the most interesting adventures.

Its bulgursalade worth noting that its also the part of the web series that, in spite of its often surreal presentation, is in fact the most horrible, because it takes place in Alices real world, not in some mystical realm of the imagination. While based on Lewis Carrolls famous book, diaries from Wonderland cellu is a unique work, and can certainly be enjoyed as such. Despite its well-known pedigree, theres no question its the product of a singularly ambitious and driven individual, who, as is the case in all independent filmmaking, by necessity had a hand in every aspect of production and has doubtless emerged a better filmmaker for having. It will be interesting to follow Katherine sainte maries future work, as it will surely be even stronger and more complex than the already multi-layered and provocative diaries from Wonderland. Filmmaker Katherine sainte marie on the set. And, as if overseeing or doing outright the writing, producing, directing and editing as well as the creation of the sound and special effects for diaries from Wonderland werent enough, sainte marie also puts in a brief but particularly subtle and effective performance as the. Finally, as an extra added bonus, several scenes from diaries from Wonderland read like snippets of the graveyard interlude from Easy rider. Just throwing that out there for folks who might be familiar with that benchmark for drug-fueled madness. Here is a trailer for the diaries from Wonderland webseries, which can be found in its entirety on here. American Slander recently had the distinct pleasure to pick katherine sainte maries brain about diaries of Wonderland, and yes, after all that sarcasm you just had to read through, this piece is, thanks to the immense courtesy of the artist herself, about to turn into.

rejuvenile oil
the hallucinatory nature of Carrolls noodling around in a surreal netherworld correlates perfectly with an illicit drug experience, which in this day and age most people who have spent any. The problem, of course, with a quest for childlike transcendence that flows perfectly from the pages of a lewis Carroll book into the bowl of a hookah, is that once they go down that rabbit hole, some folks never want to come back, or worse. And thats when the journey to wonderland becomes a very, very bad trip indeed. Its that darker take of Alices (mis)adventures that visionary new filmmaker. Katherine sainte marie plumbs in her ambitious, 13-part (so far) web series called. Unlike most of her predecessors, however, sainte marie faces the hallucinatory nature of the Alice myth head on, instead of dancing around the notion of it being a sort of coincidental allegory for tripping the light fandango. She takes the already fractured fairy tale and smashes it to bits, turning an accidental stumble down a mysterious rabbit hole into a suicidal leap into an increasingly horrific pit of drug use, abuse and addiction. Alice in Wonderland, but sainte marie isnt content simply to tackle the time-honored tradition of Alices adventures in haight-Ashbury. She also uses her unique vision of the wonderland story as a stage upon which to delve into how one establishes identity and copes with abandonment and guilt, as well as to explore deeper issues that perhaps have a bit of a feminist tinge. Regrettably for poor Alice, sainte marie finds the most traction in the downside of that risk-taking, as it degenerates from impulsive curiosity to compulsive addiction.

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Puff Puff Pass, considering the sheer strangeness of the story of Alice, one could be forgiven for asking if Lewis Carroll was himself an absinthe-guzzler, tea-head, laudanum-jockey, dragon-chaser, opium-eater, or habitué vitamine of some brand of snake oil, brain tonic or veterinary elixir who spent his. The research on Carroll, which is considerable, seems to offer no proof whatsoever that was the case, and in fact its a bit of a bummer to report he appears to have been sober as a judge. So who can really say what was on his mind when he sent our Alice for a subterranean tumble into madness, beside perhaps simply hoping to entertain a child by trying to think like one. And maybe trying to think like a child is exactly the point, avon because thats where wonderland and recreational drug use truly do intersect. Its no secret for that for many of us, getting high is a way, at least temporarily, to reject rules, logic and reason in order to recapture the innocent pleasure of unbridled, childish imagination. Intoxication is, in essence, a way to experience the very same sort of surreal, anarchic, ridiculous ideas and themes Carroll extolled in Alices Adventures in Wonderland. The comparison is so obvious, it seems that for some people, grace Slick being perhaps the most familiar example to folks my age, its almost impossible not to make. Mind you theres no forgiving.

Rejuvenile by Christopher Noxon

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rejuvenile oil

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rejuvenile oil

Rejuvenile definition What does rejuvenile mean?

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Its not a huge leap to say theres a little something, well, actually quite a lot of something, inherently mind-bending about Lewis Carrolls Alices Adventures in Wonderland. Lets go out on a limb and guess it would be the magic mushrooms, shape-shifting potions, hookah-smoking caterpillars, transparent felines and all manner of other trippy shit going on down the proverbial rabbit hole that leads one to come to that conclusion. Its really pretty surreal stuff, even by todays standards, which is surely why our increasingly amped and stoned and wasted culture gets off on anything that seems an illicit drug reference in Alices long, strange trip, notwithstanding whether its even in the actual story. The work. Seuss has recently undergone much the same drug-addled scrutiny, as each red fish/blue fish and green egg geschoren and ham has taken on magical, mysterious, and doubtless utterly unintended meaning for stoners around the world. This all has the spilled-bongwater stench of the mid-2000s rejuvenile phenomenon, which was a period of about one month when unreasonably large numbers of adults thought it was cool to smoke some weed and do forced, self-consciously childish shit like playing kickball, drinking chocolate milk. And hey, while thats all well and good, i just hope those student loans and dirty diapers didnt harsh your buzz, bro.

Rejuvenile oil
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    Colbert also brought up the idea that Noxon was very reluctant to qualify the rejuvenile movement as specifically a good thing or a bad thing. In the episode "a pool and His Money" of weeds, uncle Andy remarks to an angry mob that he is "rejuvenile and that the chocolate milk he is buying is for him not a young boy. Other media edit, noxon has conducted radio interviews with. References edit External links edit m features excerpts, reviews and interviews.

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    Christopher Noxon and published by Crown Publishing in 2006. It acts to contract the walls of the vagina. The term "rejuvenile" refers to people who "cultivate tastes and mindsets traditionally associated with those younger than themselves.".

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    It can also be caused due to heredity, menopause, urinary tract infections or vaginal looseness. From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to: navigation, search, rejuvenile: Kickball, cartoons, cupcakes, and the reinvention of the American Grown-up is a non-fiction book written by author. Or so the story goes.

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