Orchid compot

orchid compot

All of these clear slotted pots have slots cut into the sides and the base for increased air flow and drainage. The original 6" slot pot from rePotme still comes with the substantial top outer rim, while the smaller ones each have less rim, or in the case of the baby 3 no rim at all. Each of them are sturdy pots, clear, but not "crystal clear" like our original clear plastic pots available in sizes ranging from 4" all the way up to 8". Don't forget about the rePotme white plastic orchid pots too, ranging in size from 4" all the way up to the giant 10" grand daddy. All of our pots are designed with the orchidist in mind, plenty of drainage, multiple ports, slots, holes and features for aeration and great drainage for healthy roots and happy orchids. We are pleased to introduce a brand new line of clear pots to our wide variety of plastic orchid pot choices. Called the rePotme rigid Series, they are distinguished from our other clear pots (Crystal Clear and Clear Slotted) primarily because they are solid and stiff walled, not slotted and not as flexible as the Crystal Clears. You will find the same double drainage system with side ports found in our other plastic pots, and check out the dimensions which are in some cases unique when compared to our other great pots.

We have searched far and wide to find what we think are superior crystal clear orchid pots that are as functional as they are attractive. We have clear orchid pots available in four sizes, 4 5 6" and 8". Here are the details: First, each of our clear pots has to offer great drainage ability and these fit the bill with a multi level base of 9 holes and 6 ported areas that themselves have 3 holes in them. The dream holes in the ported areas are at a higher level than the 6 holes in the base and this is what creates the double drainage functionality that prevents water pooling. Keeping roots healthy is critical and good drainage with the ability for air to enter is a must. Again, these pots make the grade. Each pot has a nice rolled lip for handling and transport. Our original rePotme clear plastic pots are distinguished by the surprising clarity or "see through" aspect of the plastic. Our clear plastic slotted clear orchid pots are available now in a variety of sizes, from the 3" round, 4" round, 5" round up to and including our original 6" round slot pot. Our 3 4" and 6" are quite similar in design from a side and bottom slot perspective. The 5" slot pot is unique in that it has both wider slots in the bottom, and also holes in the bottom.

orchid compot
a perfect environment for growing. The outer pot is clear but stiff walled allowing for maximum light to enter. There are three different sizes in this extraordinary family of pots, the.75.25" and.5". Each of the Oxygen Core dual pots employ the same design features with a focus on creating an environment promoting maximum oxygen and humidity at the root zone. The inner "core" pot cradles the roots and mix in a perfect greenhouse like environment that maximizes drainage and airflow. The result of all these features is to create a growing environment that enhances humidity in the space between the two pots on the sides and at the bottom. Air flow is significantly improved which reduces potential root rot while increasing humidity. A further advantage of this design is that it contains the roots inside the pot by encouraging root growth "around and down" rather than over the top of the rim. Oxygen is key to happy roots and the Oxygen Core dual Pot from rePotme is one special pot for your prized plants to thrive.
orchid compot

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Some, like the Oxygen Core dual Pots go to another level, creating an oxygen rich and humid space between the pots for delicate roots to thrive. The ceramic pots are each spectacular works of art and every one of them are unique pieces. The glazes are deep and beautiful in whichever color strikes your fancy. All of them have great drainage and they each come with a free plastic liner appropriate to the type and size of the pot. Liners are very useful because they allow for the plant to be lifted out of the surrounding pot without disturbing roots. Checking root development, moisture levels and overall health becomes much easier that way. Whatever your requirements, we are confident you reuma will find the right pot here. We invite you to spend some time browsing, and if you don't see something you are looking for, or if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.

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orchid compot

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orchid compot

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Oxygen Core, clear, slotted, rigid, square, white. Big tall, net, ceramic, plastic orchid pots are a staple of any orchid grower because repotting orchids is a regular and critical part what's of their health and beauty. Clear plastic pots have gained popularity as a key component of proper orchid care in part because one can see what's going on with roots and moisture content. Additionally, we have learned that Phalaenopsis orchids, which are among the most common found in stores, actually benefit from light entering the root zone. These orchids use sunlight for photosynthesis at the root zone. This site is dedicated to orchid pots of all types, plastic and ceramic, clear and white, large and small, square and round, net and even the newest 2 part pots called Oxygen Core dual Pots available exclusively from rePotme Orchid Supplies. Good drainage and multiple holes are critical for orchids because one wants to avoid roots standing in water or sopping wet media; airy environments are what orchids love. Here you will find that each and every pot meets the test of good drainage.

Orchid compot
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